Sceb's Classic Mailbags (Cartoon Collection)

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Own all of Sceb's Classic Mailbags from the golden years of!

Have an amazing time in exciting new ways, such as:

  • Download them to your computer to have forever and ever!
  • Cast them to your TV and pretend they were a great show that some stupid network executives cancelled at its prime!
  • Broadcast them on the side of a blimp during a major music festival, wowing the entire crowd and bringing you untold accolades!

Whatever you decide, you'll never have to go without Mailbags ever again. What price can you put on that sort of security of well-being? That kind of happiness is worth any cost.

But are they good?

Are they good? Are they GOOD? The Internet was so concerned with how good they were IT LITERALLY KILLED FLASH SO THEY COULDN'T BE VIEWED ANYMORE. That not enough for you? Here's what some real people who absolutely aren't made up have to say:

So yeah, they're good. And if you don't think so after you buy them, just send an email to ask about a FULL REFUND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The request will be denied, of course. But you can ask.

Free On YouTube

What's that? You realize the cartoons are being released one-a-week on YouTube and you can just watch them there for free? Yes, that's true. But think about this, Mr. Thinking-pants, what happens if YouTube goes away? What if tomorrow you wake up and there is no more Internet at all? You want to spend the rest of your life trying to remember all the lines from Mailbag 32, but never quite getting it right? DO YOU? That would be a horrible way to live.

Want more?

How about a stuffed space chicken to watch the cartoons Everything is better with a space chicken by your side. Eating. Sleeping. Watching Mailbags. Some Fourth Activity which I struggle to come up now with but maybe I'll come back later and fill it in here. (Sail-boating, maybe? Losing all your money at a casino?)

Choose between one plushy or a whole flock and you'll get the cartoons immediately while the new friends are zipping through the mail to your front door. But if you want one of these, act now, because once this stock is gone it's gone for good. This is the last of the original stuffed space chickens available! And that's no joke, unlike much of the rest of this text.

Order Now!

Do it. Unimagined bliss awaits. Is that over-promising? Maybe. Or maybe it's not. Do you want to be kept awake at night, wondering? You already long for sleep. Don't add more suffering to your life by you had bought Flash cartoons from the early 2000s and lamenting - every minute of every day until your dying breath - that you didn't take the silver arrow when you had the chance. Silver arrow? What does that even mean? It means NOW IS THE TIME, AND THIS IS YOUR DESTINY.

I want this!


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Sceb's Classic Mailbags (Cartoon Collection)

1 rating
I want this!