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15 Day Creativity Boot Camp

J.K. Riki
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Schools no longer teach creative thinking.

Sure, we have art classes, and maybe some short-story writing in English, but the actual process of creative thinking has been abandoned by a logic-driven world.

Which is a shame, because creativity can take you to places and ideas no one else dreams of. Let me show you how.

Literally Unlimited Ideas

Most people - if pushed - can come up with a few interesting ideas. A lot of them will be cliche. The same dull things everyone else would come up with, too.

Creativity takes you way beyond that. The methods taught in this book allow you to create dozens and hundreds and thousands of ideas. All before lunch.

Are you “a little creative?”

Maybe you already do creative work. If so, you know the power a boot camp can provide. Dedicating 15 days to your art form takes it to a whole new level.

We will dive deep and level up your current skills. You’ll learn new ways to apply the creativity you already have.

What if you’re not creative at all?

I’ve heard that one a million times.

This book is designed to guide even beginners. It explains both the WHY and the HOW of Creative thinking. Doesn’t matter if you want to draw, or paint, or write, or play music, or just come up with truly unique ideas. If you read through this book and do the exercises inside, you’ll be able to tap into creativity. Guaranteed.

Boot Camp gets you there

Two weeks, brand new skills.

Whether you’re a pro or your day job is working at Walmart, the will take the brain you already have and get it into top shape in just 15 short days. From there the sky’s the limit - it’s just a matter of what you want to do with the new knowledge you’ve unlocked.

Whatever your goals are, now is the time to invest in Creativity.

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15 Day Creativity Boot Camp

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